Public relations and product improvements

From the German part of this forums comes this thread. I will translate it into senseful proper English (I hope :D) to bring this possibilty also to our non-German speakers and, well, all people able to speak (or write) English.

This thread is not made to place subjective ailments. I want to give the AirlineSim team the chance to get some [color="#ff0000"]constructive suggestions [/color]from you, the customers.

Anyone is invited to make any suggestion one wants, but please use a fine language. Since it can be that some advices went into the desert you can repeat already mentioned things here. I already kindly asked the AirlineSim team to make a list of suggestions in the German thread - I don’t know if they do - but I do and you can be sure your wishes are all safed if you write them down here. I made my own recommendations in the German part I’ll stay quite here at this point.

Please follow the rules of this thread and stay objective in any points. You may sort your suggestions to their urgency (that can be subjective :P) and put it in some topics (you can have a look at my German post (you don’t need to speak German to see what I mean)).

I hope YOU and THE TEAM will take this chance to make this game "your game".

[color="#ff0000"]Please no discussions, just post your ideas! If you have a feeling to discuss something feel free to open a new thread (with a useful title)! Additions to existing suggestions can be made - of course.[/color]

[size="2"]This thread is not official and is "hold" by me, a normal player, to make all ideas getting heard. No arrangements were made with the AirlineSim team.[/size]

I hope you will use your chance like the German player already did and help leading AirlineSim in a nice future!