Purchased Passengers

Has anyone ever suggested purchasing bonus passengers for credits? You could purchase 1,000 for 1 credit up to 4000 for 4 credits a day. These passengers will be usable only at one airport of your choosing and when the passengers calculations are made each day the total flights both incoming and departures are used for the total flights used in the calculations and the average passengers are then added to the load up to 100%. If the total load goes over, raise the price until it does not. The more planes based at the airport the less each plane gets. Also these passengers are added after all other calculations are done so it does not impact the airport totals for all airlines. This will mainly be used by new players in the game so that they can try to get new airlines up and running on servers that are older. It could also be used by admin as a bonus for new airlines to draw then into purchasing credits after the 15 day introduction. It could be used for cargo with 5000 cargo for 1 credit up to 20000 for 4.

I dont like that suggestion sorry.

I don’t know if this was suggested or not, but it will never happen! We are serious provider and you shall be sure what to pay when you want to play airlinesim!

that would start making this game a pay-to-win format, allowing players with a stronger financial background to win, rather than the players with the better concept.

the day this becomes a pay to win game, I’m out of here. so thank you, SK, for making that clear.

Exactly my opinion!

You all really think that 1000 to 4000 passenger will make any difference to an airline with 115 planes and 500,000 passengers? This is mostly for new people playing the game for the first time to give them a chance to learn how to play the game while making money and not restarting the game 3-6 times. With 30 planes making 4 outbound and 4 inbound flights this would only add 16.67 passengers per flights and could only impact one airport only.

I think it’s a question of principle.

When it doesn’t make a difference, then why do it at all?

Airlinesim can [size="7"]never[/size] be a "pay to win" game. No matter airline size, airlinesim must remain a fair game.

And it will ;)

It’s not difficult to be successful at this game. Just think about the routes. Choose a good fleet and good hubs.

I’m about to reach 2 million passengers in just 2 months playing in Tempelhof. Find a good opportunity and go for it, do not buy it.