Q400 performance

The Q400 is a very popular ingame aircraft, the starting point for many airlines, but unfortunately the ingame data is inaccurate. Based on my calculations the fuel burn is pretty accurate, cruise speed should be increased to its RL in service speed of 650km/h (a 15% improvement) while maintaining a range of 2000km with max payload of 8000kg but a 3300km maximum range with a 6t payload. These calculations are all based on the fuel burn for high speed cruise at FL250 and MTOM.

So, Pros:

increased speed may allow you to plan an additional rotation for the aircraft

The aircrafts deployment will more accurately reflect that of the real world


Will require some schedule and slot replanning

Aircraft range is reduced

There is a change of the ingame performance calculation underway which will also affect the Dash8. It’s just not clear at the moment when the changes will be implemented but according to statements of the team this will happen in the next couple of weeks/months.

Yes, I think we’re all aware of this. The Q400 however requires an adjustment in its cruise speed which is something outside what I’d normally consider to be a "tweaking" of aircraft performance data and while I imagine isn’t so difficult for the team to implement assuming they have all the other relevant data could cause a few players some scheduling difficulties in terms of adjusting to a shorter schedule.

The cruise speed would make sense in a new server but not in the older ones.

I agree. It’s completely unrealistic that people are flying from JFK to MIA in a Q400…

There’s another problem we do acknowledge: The relation to it’s main competitor, the ATR-72, ist not accurate. The new performance system will take some time but still hopefully will include “better” ratios.

Agree. I am for the change but both should be adjusted at the same time. Q400 should be quicker and higher range than ATR, ATR should be slower but cheaper to operate than Q400.

with 130 Q400s and slots becoming scarce day by day, by all means impliment the changes on new game servers, but it will be a logistical ‘nightmare’ to rearrange all slots again etc.

There is no game rule to add 130 Q400s at the beginning!