Question About Booking

I just started a new airline yesterday and only a couple of my flights are filling. The rest are empty or only have a few people on them. Do the flights get more booked closer to their departure or have I doing something wrong?

Welcome to AS!

There can be a few reasons why planes do not fill:

  1. There is a sheer lack of passengers who want to fly on that route (whether being direct passengers or connecting). In that case, we can either wait, try to incentivize the flight for connections (improving hard and/or soft product, improving connections, or lowering prices), or suspend the route. What you do depends on your will to make this route in particular succeed.

  2. You are getting beaten by competition. For this, we need to check the Online Reservation Analysis (ORS) system, or the Market Analysis tab (for direct competition only). In this case, we need to either incentivize or suspend. Waiting will not do much.

  3. It needs time. This is a possibility. For every airport of origin, the passengers are booked once every twenty-four hours. This time varies by airport and server (it was designed to optimize server resources) and can be found in an airport’s info tab, which are the ones with links /app/info/airports. Passengers are booked from where they start, which means you might get connecting passengers booking at a different time than your passengers originating at your origin. If you activated with three-day-delay, this ensures the maximum number of “booking windows” (72h, or 3 windows) is done before the first flight. If not, then flights might fly out with not nearly as many of these windows. And that can be ok if the route is underserved and craving seats, but not all routes are at this level.

If you need further help, you can leave us your server and airline here in the forums, or for more immediate help, you might find help in the Discord server. Best of luck in your new enterprise :slight_smile:

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