Question about buying an aircraft that was originally leased

I have a question about the option to buy an aircraft after it has been leased the correct amount of time. When I go to the >>Leasing page, I am presented with an option to Buy Aircraft for a set amount. My question is, what happens to my original security deposit that I placed on the aircraft?

I know if I am leasing and decide to not have the aircraft anymore and decide to terminate my lease and return to AS, my last weeks payment is deducted from my security deposit and then the remainder is credited back to me, but what if I click on Buy Aircraft for say $7M, what happens with the $1M Deposit (example)? Does it get applied towards the $7M?


You’ll be charged the buying price quoted.

At the same time you’re charged the weekly leasing rate to the current date (if you buy at day 5 of your leasing contract, you’re charged 5/7 of the rate for example.

The paid leasing deposit is returned at the same time of course.

That’s at least what I experienced.

Tried to buy an airplane that I leased today. It turned out that I could not borrow money for the purchase. Why is it so? Should we not be able to finance the purchase with loans just like when buying aircraft in the aircraft market?

I think you need to wait 4 weeks before you can buy a plane that you have leased

yeah I know. But what I mean is that you can’t borrow money to buy the leased aircraft. I don’t understand why you can’t borrow money there when you can borrow money on aircraft market. Is there any logic behind it??