Question about new aircraft purchase

few noob question

if i want to bay

Boeing 737-900ER HGW (winglets) - brand new - can i buy him on credit or leasing (how)? or is only pay in cash?

and next question:

if i order brand new plane how long i must wait for delivery

I seperated your question from the faq. ;)

You can buy on credit if the bank gives you one and you can lwase it.

The production time is displayes in the aircraft detail information. If you order more than one in your account, it will add the production times.

oh, i got special treatment and new thread? :D

ok ,thx, i just look on order for new aircraft i have few more questions

link to aircraft order

first payment is for cash - i understand that

but Loans i don’t understood

what is:[list=1]

[*]Lender contribution in percent 30-90% ?

[*]Enterprise contribution Per aircraft ?

[*]Lender contribution Per aircraft?


And there is 2 tables, one per aircraft and second for total

let me see if uderstood

if i select 90.0% Lender contribution

i must pay deposit 7,050,000 AS$

and 63,450,000 AS$ is going to loan?

(but i don’t see how much i must pay/week ??? )

last options is leasing and there is all clear

Leasing rate: 352,500 AS$

Security deposit per aircraft: 3,525,000 AS$

Total security deposit: 3,525,000 AS$

So can you help me to learn how loans works in game?


When buying an aircraft based on loans the first thing to pay attention to: Interest rate. That’s the rate you have to pay per week for the actual debt. Add to this the weekly installment which is 1/260 (5 years) of the debt.

Does a fully financed or lender contributed purchase in AS make sense? In most of the cases, no. Interest is way too high.

A quick example for how you can estimate if a loan makes sense at all:

One randomly picked 737-900ER BGW (leased at standard rate) from my fleet yields a weekly profit of 7*70000=490,000$. Without the leasing rate (310,000$) it would yield 800,000$ a week.

I take it you’re new to the game, so we need to calculate for a new startup airline:

If we desire to purchase on loan, the weekly expenses for installments/interest you could bear would be these 800,000$ - granted you could always fill your plane at given prices. At 800,000$ your airline could pay off the airframe without going the way of the Dodo, but your bank account would not grow, meaning zero expansion. This can’t be your aim as a start up.

But how do we get to these 800,000$?

If I’d opt for a 90% lender contributed purchase of a 737-900ER BGW, the expenses would be as follows:

Downpayment: 6,200,000$

Debt: 55,800,000$

Installments: 214,615$

214,615$… that leaves us with 800,000-214,615 = 585,385$ to "pay" the interest with.

Our max. bearable interest rate (average) would be (585,385 / (55,800,000$/2)) * 100% = 2,09%

Like I said, average! Interest decreases with decreasing debt, so your initial interest is twice as high.

As a startup enterprise with no cash reserves, your interest therefore shouldn’t exceed (585,385$ / 55,800,000$) * 100% = 1.049% for this sample calculation.

For the above example, please take into consideration that 800,000$ is fairly high and not written in stone, so could be somewhat lower for your enterprise!

Btw, with a weekly profit of 490,000$ on the leased plane, I would have earned the purchase price after 127 weeks (2.4 years) - meaning that after 2.4 years I could replace the leased airframe with a bought, brandnew one (paid cash) without taking the risk of a loan.

thx for answer

well i didn’t have intention for buy brand new on first beginning, but when i earn so i can support that plane

still loan is mystery because you must take loan to see what will be happens :wacko:

There is no offer with interest and week payoff plan :unsure:

Not really.

Loan purchase of aircraft (no matter if new or via the aircraft market):

  • debt has to be paid in 260 rates (5 years) + interest

Loans not connected to an aircraft purchase:

  • debt has to be paid in 50 rates + interest

50 rates of course has the advantage of paying much less interest for the debt total, though instalments are higher of course.

Just for the fun of it, a few more figures…

Would a loan purchase make sense at all - compared to leasing?

Here’s a little comparable calculation, again taking the 739 from the example above:

Airframe price (new, standard): 62,000,000$

Let’s take the 90% lender contribution at 1.8% interest first:

Downpayment: 6,200,000$

Debt: 55,800,000$ (260 rates at 214,615$)

Interest total: (55,800,000$/2)0.018(260+1) = 131,074,200$

Costs total for this airframe with 90% lender contribution: 6,200,000$+55,800,000+131,074,200$ = 193,074,200$

  • Leasing (standard): 310,000$ / week:

Alleged profit: 490,000$ / week

Time until enough money is "earned" to purchase in cash: 62,000,000$ / 490,000$ = 127 weeks

Leasing costs for 127 weeks: 127*310,000$ = 39,370,000$

Costs total when leased and purchased cash at the alleged time: 62,000,000$+39,370,000$ = 101,370,000$

How long could you lease the plane for the interest total? 131,074,200$ / 310,000$ = 422 weeks

Which in return gives you the equivalent weekly earnings to purchase new after 422 weeks: 62,000,000$ / 422 = 146,919$

While the initially alleged 490,000$ profit per week are fairly high, 146,919$ isn’t. On three daily returns that’s 3,498$ per flight.

But, if I really could earn 490,000$ a week, what lender contribution (at 1.8%) would I need to select in order to do as good as with the lease?

Contribution = 239,370,000$ / (0.018261) *100% = 16,760,323$ = 27% -> 20% = 12,400,000 debt

Or, if I’d want to select the 90% contribution, under which interest rate would this method be preferable over leasing?

Interest rate = 239,370,000$ / (26155,800,000$) * 100% = 0.54%

Finally, as I’ve mentioned the loans without security above…

What’s the interest rate for the unsecured loan if I want to finance the full 62,000,000$ without doing worse than via the lease?

Interest (unsecured loan) = 239,370,000$ / (5162,000,000$) * 100% = 2.5% - looks like a real option here, but don’t forget that this costs you 2,790,000$ the first week.


ok, i buy Dash 8 on credit, its look like good idea in the moment

but, not i think maybe is not so good idea

Can i terminate Credit and how?

When i look on plane, they offer only Sell or Loan