question about staff mood


I remember reading somewhere a while back about staff mood and wanted to confirm…I have ben raising my staff salary steadily for th past month or two and now have them at 5 bars. Can I lower their costs and still maintain the status? I think I remember hearing that you could lower to $1 above country average and they would stay happy…is that correct?

Thanks all!

that is correct.

I could not clarify exactly what do you mean.

You mean that, for example, average country salary is 1000, you raised it up to 1500, staff mood changed from 1 bar to 5 bars, after that you lower the salary to 999 and 5 bars mood will stay the same for infinity?

No it´s country everage PLUS 1, so the correct number in this case would be 1001 not 999.

But if you do so you must check the average once or twice a week because it can change and you might be forced to adjust your staff´s salary again to stay one buck over average

Ok, I will try to do this this weekend closing and see the results.

This is a bug that needs to be fixed, and a big one at that, can’t believe that they haven’t taken this out of the system.

What is a bug?

Sorry, its not a bug but its some kind of loophole, how can people lower their employees salaries and then keep having 5 star staff mood?

But not countinously

you mean it only works once?

No I mean - not contiuosly below the average but increased the mood.