Question for Betty_Jets

Dear Betty_Jets, I see you are quite active on the forums so i’m confident you can answer my question here. I am not saying you are doing anything wrong (you never know since the new aircraft market system has been introduced), but I’m sure I am not the only one who would like to figure it out, so i am asking it publicly. Could you please explain how your holding on Croydon (Arabian Aviation Group), that has been registered just one week ago, already owns 26 aircraft including A380’s, A340’s and A320’s, 23 of them ordered new from the manufacturer. I am just curious, maybe its just how it is now and can be done with initial 10mil. Thank you.

Firstly, I really don’t think this is the place for any sort of accusation, as this very much sounds like an accusation of some sort.

Secondly, like any business investments is necessary, yes I have purchased some aircraft, but you conveniently forgot to mention that some of them were Antanov 124’s and Boeing 747-100F’s which can be picked up for next to nothing from the Aircraft Market and as I no longer needed them so I can create a PAX airline instead of just a cargo airline. One of which I sold yesterday (01/10/12) at a small profit, but that is what happens if you sell an aircraft.

Thirdly, if you read my comments on the forums I am actually striving to assist AirlineSim in possible ways the game can be made better for players, and think that the way some players conduct themselves is highly inappropriate, so I would be an hypocrite if I was trying to make it harder for other players.

So if you want to report me then we can let AirlineSim see if I have done anything wrong.

To Betty_Jets…

No one was accused of cheating, a simple question was asked, which was not answered by the way. Betty_Jets, you were asked HOW it was done, NOT why. Everyone knows many businesses make investments in an ATTEMPT to make money. I for one wonder if you ever lost in any of your "investments". The problem is the affect your hustling creates on the AirlineSim game world.

To the AS team…

Why should I even worry about trying to create and maintain a profitable airline when players such as Betty_Jets play this game like the bankers made ‘investments’ by creating crappy mortgages then selling derivatives on those same crappy mortages just to make a dollar. Is this AirlineSim or AirMarketSim? Perhaps I need to visit and study so I can get the hang of this new airline market.

In my short time playing this game I’ve had to start over many, MANY times and last week was the first time I EVER returned a profit over the course of a week. Seriously AS team…please give me a few good reasons to pay for more credits for your service. Please, try to sell me on purchasing more credits. I really do feel happy about my success last week but I do wonder if my initial monetary investment in playing this game has reached it’s end. What’s the point in keeping my airline going, dedicating my money and HOURS of my TIME every day? Why keep my enterprise going, trying to make my first, new, virtual Boeing 737 when other players are allowed to “play the game” and purchase multiple A380s and other aircraft all within the course of a week.

The forum is not the right place for this! If you think an airline is doing something wrong or ilegal - report it directly in the game or via mail to our support. We will check this and until we find something and giving a punishment we don’t want to read any names in here!