Question regarding flight related costs.

I've recently started a new airline based in Dublin, Ireland in the quimby game world.

I have a number of flights, one of them being a flight from Dublin to Birmingham.

My first flights are on 2/1/17. Since I started scheduling flights I've been tweaking my prices. My flight from Dublin to Birmingham on 2/1/17 has a different price than the one of the following day as I changed the price. I'm using a Bombarider Dash8-Q400 NextGen aircraft.

So here's the question I have, both flights (The one of the 2nd and the one on the 3rd) are departing at the exact same time, landing at the same time, have the same aircraft type and the same aircraft itself and same amount of booked passengers, the only difference is the price and the fact I'm offering cargo on the flight on 1/1/17.

For the flight on 1/1/17 flight flight-related charges for economy only (I offer business, economy and cargo on this flight) are as follows:

Fuel - 275

Aircraft Handling - 122

ATC - 97

Landing fees - 496

Maintenance - 493

and for business class:

Fuel - 56

Aircraft Handling - 27

ATC - 21

Landing fees - 109

Maintenance - 108

However, on the 2/1/17 the exact same flight (just with a different ticket price and no cargo) has the following flight-related charges for economy:

Fuel - 295

Aircraft Handling - 139

ATC - 111

Landing fees - 569

Maintenance - 565

and for business class:

Fuel - 65

Aircraft Handling - 31

ATC - 24

Landing fees - 125

Maintenance - 124

I have no idea why the charges are higher for the 2nd flight, all I can think of it that maybe it has something to do with the fact I'm offering cargo, although I wouldn't think that would affect the costs of my passengers... Or maybe it's got something to do with my ticket prices?

I hope someone can point out what is causing this. Thank you very much, Jason.

The difference is in the allocation of the costs between different offered classes (i.e. business/economy and cargo). As you can see in the total column (most right) the total amounts are the same.

To me it looks like the passenger totals are different… Would this just be because costs are being allocated to cargo also in the 1st one only? Still not sure why I’m earning less money in the 3/1/17 seeing as my ticket prices are higher there…

Passenger costs are the same on both. Below is where things are costing different...

1 Cargo Handling          150         0 

3 Fleet Management        510       445

4 Ramp Agents              43        37

5 Custom Relations         25        22

5 Flight Planning Ops      24        21

5 Admin                   148       129

The difference between the two is 246 AS...not huge. And that cost is breakeven once you take your 4th CU of cargo