Questions about new server

I apologize if this information is somewhere floating around in the forum, but I didnt find anything so far. At which time is the new server going to be up? And whats the name of this new world? =)


he asks for time and name, not for the date

That will be announced when we know it …

Right, and you’ve been around long enough to know that previous launches never had an exact time announced, nor usually a name, until the server was online already.

It’s about time you turn your destructive comments here into constructive. A player with your experience could have commented what I just said. Instead you choose to just flame yet another staff member for giving the only available information. Not smart… ;)

if everybody do his work well, staff and support, i also will turn back to constructive comments like at the start of this board

easy way ;)

We do our job and especially you shouldn’t tell us what to do!

But there is more work to do than you may imagine. And part of our job is to moderate the forums and to do my job I shall remind you that you should read the netiquette and behave like that!