Quimby - Bug or not in flight schedule?

Hi, I’m in Quimby, and suspected to encounter a bug in my airline flight schedule showing in Local Time.

Below image is the flight plan and flight schedule of my flight SX 591 (TPE-IST-CAI).

As you can see, the correct Local Time for departure from my Hub, i.e. TPE, shall be 1405LT, yet the timetable wrongly showed as 08:05. Other flights on the flight schedule are in correct time (e.g. SX1591 for Day 1). Also, checking on SX591 in Scheduling and Flight Number pages that they are all showing in correct local time.

Does anyone know if it is a bug, or is there any error in my setting resulting in that? Thanks in advance!

Don’t really know why this would have happened - I just checked the TPE flight schedule on Quimby and it’s all showing correctly (I have everything set to UTC and it’s 5:32 and 6:05 departure times).

I tried to check my own Flight Schedule in UTC and Hub time - everything displays correctly.

Also tried to check TPE’s schedule in UTC and Hub time - also displays correctly.

However, when it’s set to Local Time for both my own Flight Schedule & TPE’s - both displaying the same error. However, that does not happen to rest of my flights (at least not that I observed and noticed out of like a thousand).

Perhaps this would be something the host may want to look into?