Quimby IX/X Config

Hello all,
I noted the restart of Quimby on the 30th as Quimby X on the bottom of the blog post, quietly hanging out there :wink:
Anyways, what’s the configuration on this server? as in used/no used aircraft, night bans, new airport patch, etc. I’m sure someone knows what I mean. I’d love as much detail as I can get but anything helps. And if you ask, I did read the current “blurb” on Quimby IX and it doesn’t answer my question. I’m trying to plan my start out :slight_smile:
Thanks for any help.

Found the old launch blog post from last year, so unless it’s different from that, my question is answered.

The previous config usually doesn’t really matter - when deciding about the next config we mostly look at the current situation of available game worlds to decide what config would be the best fit.
This time the the Quimby X config might just turn out to be quite similar to the last one, though.