Rate of price decrease on UM

Does anybody know what is the rate of decrease (percentage-wise, or AS$-wise) er day for planes on Used Market, that are being idle on UM for several days?

That there is a rate of lease price decrease, that is given. But does anybody know what that rate of decrease is?

Also there seems to be a bare minimum rate, for under which aircraft on UM will never ever go, no matter time being listed there. What is this minimum rate?


good question... what is the minimum price AS will lease/sell a plane ?


The minimum price is about 70 % of the book value. When a plane is on offer for a longer time, the starting price will go back to 100 % after a certain time and then drop again. As for the rate of decrease, I guess it's something around 4 or 5 % of the original value per day.