Recall leased out aircraft

I just had the unpleasant experience of the lessor cancelling 3 leased aircraft after I returned an aircraft, so suddenly I had 3 days to find money to lease 3 other aircraft. This is very hard and will cause disruption in the schedule and I will loose money. :blink:

I think that 3 days is too short of a notice to return the aircraft and I think that the team should increase this to either a week or two weeks. Normally when return agreements are made it is not an advantage for the lessor, but the lessee.


Which aircraft as I may be able to help as I’m looking for long term lease partners

UK Express

It was not only one aircraft. It was your thirt Aircraft that you returned in the last 2 weeks ( without any answer, IGM, etc. to me )

Normaly i will leased out for longtime Leasing.

Some of those aircraft have been leased close to a year and I am now in the process of renewing my fleet and therefore some of the planes will slowy return to lessor. I don’t see anywhere where it says that you leased out long term only and I had to inform you. Instead of being childish and cancel all you could just have asked. Also now you have 4 planes on your hand that you have to find new homes for instead of only one a week.

I suggest that AS team makes a function to alter contracts for leases, so we can avoid issues like this in the future.

  • Make the leases for x months

  • Renewable.

  • Cancelling fees for lessor and lessee.

  • Return time.

Honestly, on tempelhof I used my holding company to lease out planes.

I find it more profitable to have a pre-signed contract enabled. The reasoning is that most of the contracts I offer are either canceled (lack of payment) or the airlines are deleted. I make more money with these because if the client cancels the contract, I still get the money for the whole week. If the company goes outta business, I still get money based on how many days the plane was in there possession. All in all I still get paid. Although long term partners are ideal since you don’t have a spam of emails from bankrupt companies, but I think it still makes more money in the long run. In my hayday I had over 50 planes inventoried and more than 75% of them were leased out consistently.

I have had long term partners, and yes they have returned the planes with and without an explanation. But in the end the planes stay on the market and I still get paid. Also something to note, when a server starts. The cheap planes (727’s, 737-200 and -300’s) are bought up quick (either leased out or used) but eventually after a server becomes established those planes will be available to the market freely for the most part. I say this because I started leasing on tempelhof by buying these cheap planes. But I found after some time no one wanted to lease them, and those that did would just terminate them or go out of business. I currently offer better 737’s and now because I would simply sell the planes back to AS that were not leased consistently and buy better ones. The way I looked at it, if you buy older aircraft (an aircraft that is reaching it’s ~20 year mark that has fully depreciated) and you lease it out at lease for 3 full weeks (you have to subtract 2 weeks for when it is on sale to AS because it takes that long for the server to buy it back from you), you have made a profit (minus staffing expenses of course).