Removing aircraft from sale list

How could I remove an a/c from the offer list? I’ve put it on the sales list without signing the contract in order to have them available for my new subdisiary, the new a/c market has the asset transfer tool, but now I’m unable to remove my a/c from the sales list. Any hint?



Go to Aircraft Market and open the "Your Offers" tab. You can remove offers there as long as there are no bids.

The problem is that there are bids. I had bought those a/c for my subs, what I want to do is to transfer them, as long as I’m the owner of the a/c I should be able to do what I want with them, also because I didn’t sign the sale contract when I put them on the market.

We announced a week before that transfering between enterprises will not be functionaly on the aircraft market anymore and that there will be an asset management tool to transfer the aircraft directly. So it is obviously that offers on the airline markets are for any player.

Dear SK

First of all, I’d like to ask You not to think You’re dealing with a 14 years old noob, I’ve been playing AS for many years now, I’ve got a degree, an ATPL and an A320 rating, I’m not stupid and I don’t like to be treated like one.

It’s quite hard to figure out how a complex thing like a new a/c market would be when all the information we received were some strings contained in a public announcement containing very little detail for such an important part of the game.

Going back to the question, I’m asking if there’s or will be a function to remove someone’s own a/c from the sale list. It sound quite right to me that if I change my mind on something that I own, I could do whatever I want with it. Now, the a/c were sold to AS Aircraft even if their contract was not signed, which means that now I’ll have to bid again for them, and probably have to pay an higher price to have back what was mine, a really nice implementation, very realistic.

I don’t treaded you like a 14 years old noob. I would be more patient answering a 14 year noob than someone havening a degree, ATPL and 320 rating. ;) Sorry, but couldn’t let this stay due to the fact that it wasn’t meant in the way you may have read it.

But to get serious again. You can remove you offer until the first bid. This has two reasons. In the old aircraft market, there weren’t more than one bid so the first bid decided and you couldn’t remove your offer after it. So no change in the rules - only you may have to wait some hours when there are more bids. And there we come to the 2nd reason - By giving a bid the money will be blocked and to protect the future owner the first bid counts and there is no way of return.

In the old a/c market, I had the option not to sign the contract, in order to sell it to who I wanted or to do wathever I wanted with my asset.

Now, how could someone remove its offer as long as AS Aircraft automatically bids for it as soon as the a/c gets listed?

Secondly, shouldn’t the bid deposit be handled on a third bank account (AS Bank) so that if the owner decides to remove its aircraft the money goes back to the bidder?

The function to not sign a contract was invented to allow the sale or leasing an aircraft within the same holding. This is not needed anymore it should be in the focus of each enterprise to gain as much money as possible on selling it. So this function is not available.

A bid can’t be removed due to the fact that some people would use this to prevent the oponent from selling its aircraft i.e.

THe bid deposit is handled in a kind of third bank account already.

And that’s ok, pretty obvioius that with the asset transfer tool now it’s useless to sign or not to sign a contract, but it’s not what I’m asking.

I’m not asking to remove someone else’s bid, as it would be cheating, what I’m asking is: "with the new a/c market, would it be possible to remove my own a/c from the sales list even after someone’s made a bid? Given the fact that the money is deposited on AS Bank, and the a/c is mine, if I change my mind and decide that I want that a/c for a subsidiary of mine I should be able to remove it from the listing. I’ve lost 8 planes this morning because I had no option to remove them from the sales listing, planes which I’d have gladly transferred to a subsidiary of mine.

But that’s the same in different color - so once there is a bid for your offer, you can’t remove it.

Which basically means that I’m not given the chance to change my mind on what to do of my own assets.

Nice, really nice.

Surely you don’t think a seller should be able to pull out of an auction mid way through if he fears he won’t get the price he wants?

I’m not saying there are no problems with the new market, I just don’t see how this is one.

I’m not talking about price, I couldn’t care less with the several hundreds of million in cash that my companies have right now. I’ve lost 8 planes this morning because I couldn’t remove them from the listing as AS Aircraft bid for them as soon as they went on market. I would have used them in another subsidiary of mine, that’s it.

You might not be talking about price, but allowing players to back out of an auction already in process would let them cancel an auction if they didn’t think they were going to like the outcome.

Lets identify the real problem here. You did something you didn’t mean to do. The root causes of this may be the lack of warning screens or the lack of documentation, but the fix for these problems is not to allow players to back of auctions, as that would create new problems. The solution to a lack of warning screens or documentation is to add warning screens, increase documentation, and player eduction.

Starting a week ago, it was stated several times that aircraft, which are put up for sale by their owner, will immediately go into auction at the moment the new market model kicks in. An auction doesn’t involve the option to pull back the auctioned good by the owner once the auction has started. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be an auction anymore. :)

I kindly ask You a link or a copy/paste of such thing:

official announcementin the there’s no trace of it.

Actually, it’s no uncommon for that to happen in art auctions, amongst others. In fact, for those it’s common practice for there to be a reserve, a price that needs to be reached for the sale to go through. Does the auction not reach this price, then the sale does not take place and the lot returns to the owner, for him to decide on what to do with it from there on forward.

It just depends on the means of auctioning chosen, and the system implemented here is less complex, which should benefit users.


The facts are:

  1. You had aircraft listed on the market, unsigned.

  2. Those aircraft were intended to be transferred to subsidiaries.

  3. The announcement clearly stated the implementation of a.) the aircraft auctioning and b.) the intra-holding transfer tool.

First of all, why would you list aircraft on the market for long periods of time when all you wanted to do is sell them to your subsidiaries? You could just keep them in your fleet until that time, and put them up for sale when the subsidiary was able to make the purchase.

Secondly, the announcement was clear enough in that there would be a different means of transferring your aircraft. To me, that would have been the queue to delist my aircraft and wait for this tool to hit instead. Especially since the tool gives you additional benefits that the previous method didn’t give.

I’m sorry you lost the aircraft, but you could also have given it a bit of thought and done what I said above. The necessary information was available publicly for at least a week.

I know I did that a lot when my main airline had reached 3 maintenance categories, so as not to have the added maintenance penalty. It was like "storing" the aircraft for me (a feature I do not know how to emulate under the new system by the way, any ideas?). Setting up an sub can take time and until then I’d to buy aircraft to later lease to it when the time felt right.


Same thing happened to me but i was lucky to have then leased so i became the bad guy and canceled the contracts after a letter to the lessee, so I sympathize.

That, too, is a side effect that came with the main function. A side effect, further more, that I was never really happy with being there in the first place. After all, an aircraft that is offered for sale still needs to be maintained. Since aircraft that are grounded don’t generate damage points that need to be repaired, that has to come from elsewhere.

I don’t know if offering them for sale on the new market has the same effect, but I personally hope it doesn’t. Either way, I don’t see any other means of storing aircraft in an airline without taking the additional maintenance category with it. All I could think of is a transfer to a subsidiary that won’t run into the problem (yet).

I think (but don’t know for sure) that maintenance of flying planes is a different thing than maintenance of stored ones. I too think that maintenance costs for stored planes should exist but paying +15% (or +30% if you want jet and turboprop regional operations) on the maintenance cost of 400 aircraft just because you have 10 aircraft of a different type stored is a little extreme, don’t you think?