After a successful week, I decided to change my company to be a holding one and create a subsidiaied company. This time I am sick of leasing planes so that I bought it instead.

buying aircrafts at the beginning is very very difficult to handle

So you did a restart? Your airline was not sucessful ? :(

Frankly, nope but I just realized that my airline cannot grow up if I run only holding company so that I decided to cease the holding and created a subsidiary. All in all., it means I step back one then jump forward. I have more than 20k passengers in 2 weeks with nearly 100% load in each destination with the previous one then I am confident I can make it again.

Totally agree so that just over night I changed my mind to lease 6 ATR’s instead. Thanks for your advices

BTW anyone who wants to sign interlining with me don’t be hesitated please.

you should use dash8 instead of ATRs …

… but the ATRs may work as well.

Sure, but you can have better margins

I have 5 ATR42-500 and going to replace 2 A318 100 with 2 ATR 72-500


the ATR-72-500 is a good plane, but, at least at the moment, it´s not excellent.

The Dash8-Q400A is a bit faster, a bit bigger, needs about 10% less fuel and has a shorter turnaroundtime at some airports (SIN is not one of those, so don´t worry).

If you´re planing to do some cargo within the same airline, the ATR does make sense, since you´ll save a mainanence category.

I have some ATR on Croydon, and they work allright, but I really only have them because at one time I build up two seperate regional networks in two different airlines within my holding,

no used planes available, so I had to order new ones and I wanted to safe some time, so one airline got Dash and the other got ATR, and I´ve been just to lazy to chance that since then.

Probably wont change it at all anymore, as I said before, the ATR isn´t a bad plane, but I wouldn´t use it as a startup.

Apparently, many people here like ATR and Dash8. How about jet, any ideas? For me I was not successful with jet yet.


For medium long routes i recommend 737-700BGW and for longer routes 737-900BGW or 737-900ER HGW. For really long high capacity routes i think the A330-300X is a good plane(maybe not cheapest). For shorter routes i don’t use jets so i don’t know for sure, but i’ve heard that the CRJ 900 is a good plane…

If you use CRJ 700 or 900 on regional routes up to 2.000 km you always make a good business. :rolleyes:

How can we mix the seat? some said all economy the others said economy and business class