Return Flight

I have a Flight going to Zurich from EMA almost full but if its going into Zurich then it is almost empty.

The ticket prices are the same.

So am unsure to why this is occurring. Leaving Zurich flight is profitable so i would like to run it but does not make a profit on arriving flight from EMA nor LHR.

Does anyone know what could cause this or how could be rectified?

When did you start the Route? Each Airport Passenger Demand is only added once in 24 hrs for an airport … so maybe the update did not update the airport right now … if you have the same indications after 3-5 days aber the first flight have a look at your service and price … if the flight is not profitable then go somewhere else

Started it 3 days ago, the flights Departing Zurich are the only ones breaking profit

Do you have a service assigned to the route? check the ORS for your flights rating and check the flight details what price your competitors ask for … maybe the aircraft is just to big so have a look … otherwise … go somewhere else …

you could interline with someone who is based in Zurich