Return route getting no load?


Hi, my CMB-GCK route is constantly full, full bars and no competitors, and have a lot of inbound and outbound connections. However, the return flight GCK-CMB.... same conditions, a lot of inbound and outbound connections, with full service is almost empty every time! I can't figure it out, anyone have any idea why? 

Quimby, Royal SriLankan Airlines

Thks :) 



have you looked at the number of connecting pax you are getting? Maybe your CMB-CGK flight is well-timed for connections, but the return is not?

(If you click on the little triangle next to the flight you can see how many of the pax are direct vs connecting)


I would guess that one, important, connection is missing, that exists in the other direction. Or due to the timing of the bookings, that flight might already be full and you can’t get connecting passengers with this flight.

I fear, it’s rather difficult to find a solution. Or at least I haven’t found one yet, as I sometimes have this too.


It happened to me once that the checkbox "return airport pair" was not checked and so the return flights did not get service profiles assigned. That resulted in a much lower ORS-rating.


That's weird


You should check Inbound and outbound connections for both legs of the flight in the scheduling page. 

Similar situation occurred with my subsidiary in Lao. VTE-SIN The return flight was full but outbound flight was partially booked. When I checked connections, I found that the return flight was connecting to my interline partners flight to BKK, so I adjusted my flights to BKK accordingly.