Return Tickets

Hello, Gutentag

I think it would be cool to be able to set a return ticket price, like in real life. The tickets would be cheaper than going from A to B one way and the B to A one way. The tickets would however be more desirable. Passengers could book a return ticket to Fly from A to B on Monday and then book the return flight from B to A on Wednesday. I do not know how this could work with the current three day booking system, also it might get complicated on the ORS.

Just an Idea ^_^

though I, too, like the idea, it can not be implemented with the current booking system. thing is, AS doesn’t differentiate between individual passengers. for your suggestion, it would have to.

maybe, it will be changed at some point in time, as this would also allow for suggestions like frequent flyer programs to be introduced. the problem is: just imagine all the additional server load for actually simulating all those individual passengers with all their travel desires and experiences with different carriers.

… which raises the question of just how realistic the system is as it stands, because the vast majority of real world passengers book return flights - it’s not just that AirlineSim passengers have zero brand loyalty, it sometimes seems that a high percentage never ever go back home… :huh:

And both conclusions are wrong ;)

unless it’s worse than that, I’m happy to hear it… :wink: