RIP Meigs

Hi to all,

I was very disappointed to find out that all our work on Meigs have been lost. But that’s life! Things like that can happened.

I think that on everyone minds right now is only one question: when the new world will be launch? Of course, I can understand that there are a lot of things to do but I would really like to know an approximate launching time as I am eager to start again.

NO… You are kidding, right?

Do we get our wasted credits returned to our account? Sorry, I accept this can happen… But a refund or partial refnd of credits seems reasonable…

Naturaly, for more info see here:

Sorry, AS. Only saw and read this link, afte rreading the sad news about the death of Meigs V.01.

your compensation is not only good costumer service. It is an excellent service. Thanks gentlemen and ladies, you are doing an amazing job.

Shit happens…

Hope we’ll be informed when Meigs is back in the air.

I agree that it is ultimately just a game, and how much support do we get from these guys? LOADS.

Reset and lets all start again :slight_smile:

A few credits is nothing for the fun of a restart again - I love that part :slight_smile:

For today, I went many times to airlinesim, waiting for restoration of Meigs …

Now we’ll wait for restart :…

Thanks for the support, in principle, nothing terrible has happened, it’s just a game.

But the feeling is not pleasant as if I lost a favorite toy

Very sorry to hear about this, but at the very least, it was just a three-week server. Can you imagine this happening to one of the older servers that has airlines existing for years? Good lord, that would be devastating!

My airline in Meigs, Horizon Flight, shall rebuild and return! Once the new server activates again, of course. It was my only airline in the entire game, but I’m patient (gasp!) enough to wait. I missed the very start of the server launch so I missed some opportunities to buy some important used planes, and made some mistakes by getting far too many Dashes (which were good, but limited the amount of people per flight with my seat configurations), but lessons learned!

Well looks like we all get a new start, i do hope AS will inform us with a bit more time before the restart. At least 48 hours or something like that. Having a bit more time to react to the start is nicer. Also do all the Meigs users get in first? The world was full really fast and it would not be fair if these people can start in the world.

Just some comments. On the other side i wish AS all the best with the restart. AS is the best simulation game in the Aviation world so i will stay


I don’t think there will be a 48 hours notice. martin said, the restart could be as soon as tomorrow morning. and I would like to see the restart asap, rather than having the server sit around idle for an additional 48 hours.

and as it has been pointed out: a lot of those 1200 users were only drawn here by the 10th anniversary promotion and never really got beyond the point of founding the enterprise. so we should all be fine. I actually only signed up on the third day and there were still like 250 spots available at that time.

Very excited to restart the server! I love new beginnings, and even though my airline was in top 5 of the country I am ex-tactic I can re-start!

I think Meigs (or a server like it) should be restarted every 6 to 12 months anyway

At first I thought it was my cell phone screwing up and almost threw it against the wall!

Hi folks,

if the restart happens in the morning of the 19th german time, I’ll gonna be screwed again, as I am sitting here in KPAE…