Rising Union

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[/i][/b][/center][center][size="2"][size="2"]Check in. Take off. Feel good.[/size][/size] [size="2"][size="2"]Dear airline managers[/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"],

The alliance Rising Union is still looking for additional members in many parts of the world.

Rising Union was established as a close community of different airlines. The goal of our alliance is to increase our members through selective coordination and mutual support. The cohesion among our members and the fun at the game are also main points for us.

We are looking forward to every application, but there are some points which should be observed by the candidate:

  • The airline has to be running for at least 28 days, so it’s easier for us to rate the seriousness and potential of the applicant.

  • A good network is the backbone of every alliance. The airline should provide 80 or more departures from its hub, to offer a worthwhile destination to our members.

  • A friendly and fair cooperation between our members.

  • To follow the rules of the alliance and airlinesim is absolutely necessary. Success of Rising Union and its members is only possible in this way.

  • Last but not least our forum is our main communication medium. So an active and frequent participation is also a criteria for an admission to our alliance!

  • You can find our statute [/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"]here[/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"].

[/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"]Interested in a Membership?[/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"]

If we have piqued your interest and you agree to our statutes and you fulfill our criterias we are looking forward to receive your application on our [/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"]forum[/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"]. If you want to apply for a membership in our alliance, [/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"]please always apply on both, airlinesim and our forum[/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"], because the discussion will take place in our forum.

Further information you can find on our [/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"]forum[/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"] and on [/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"]ASpedia[/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"].[/size][/size][/center][/size][/font]