Route demand

Is there a place to go look at the overall demand from a given point A to a given point B?

Sorry if this has been covered, I could not find it. Thanks for your help.

I dont think so, you just have to test the route and then take further action

Correct. That would be a little too easy.

You have to test the routes by yourself. But if there are already other airlines flying on that route you can check the ORS to see if their flights are fully booked.

If every flight is fully booked , chances are good that there is more demand for a specific route

But even if all flights on a secific route are fully booked you still have to keep in mind that theses passengers are not neccessary flying from A to B. They could also be connecting to another flight (to go from A to C via B )

So basically you have to test it for yourself

No, there isn’t.

But if you see several airlines who each fly several times per day between two airports, there is demand.

And if (on an established server) nobody flies between two airports, there is probably not much demand.

As pointed out above, fully booked planes perhaps carry a lot of transfer passengers. And an airport where nobody flies to, can work as a feeder for you. For the rest, it is a matter of trial and error.