Route image

[font="Trebuchet MS"][size="3"] Hi,

Is there some kind of a route image? Or the concept of image is applying generally?

What can you do to improve the (route) image?

Also, when you start flying on a new route, do you need to wait some time till the

customers "get accustomed" with you (without changing any others settings

regarding the specific flight). Or the only way to improve the nr. of pax is to improve the

quality/image/etc of the flight?

Thank you!


[font="Trebuchet MS"] [/font]Hi,

I don’t know of any route image. Every flight of your airline contributes to the general image of your airline. You can check the image of an individual flight under the “rating” tab of your flight information page. The overall image of your airline is one of the factors that give a rating to your flight.

When you activate a new route, the ORS uses it every time it calculates the demand for an airport. Every day - when passenger demand of the airport is calculated - a bunch of passengers is added to your flight. If passengers are added in between, it means that passengers from other airports book your flight as a leg to reach their destination. That happens when these other airports calculate their passenger demand.

Anyway, tickets are booked up to three days ahead. That means every flight goes through the ORS cycle three times before the flight actually takes off. So passengers do not need to get accustomed to your flight. And after three days you know what that route is worth ;)

If there is a lot of demand, flights are fully booked three days ahead. That means you might use a bigger plane, or add an extra flight on that route.

If it takes three days to fill up the plane, there is a balance between offer and demand.

If your plane flies empty, drop that route and give it another try when you have a bigger network and more connections. If you want to improve the load factor of your flight, you can…

… go for a higher rating by dropping the price or improving the service,

… interline with an airline that uses the destination airport as a hub,

… add more connecting flights to your network.