route restrictions

i am a new player and would like some help. i am in quimby vi and trying to fly a Q400 between yyz and Chicago midway and i get a 'route restriction' error. why is that?

Because it is forbidden to fly with small aircraft between mega airports.

On the aircraft page you will find the airport sizes the dedicated aircraft is allowed to fly between.

i checked it out and this a/c is good for all airport types

toronto is very large and midway is large.

is it because of cross border? i fly from yyz to yul which are similar airport pairings as are yyz and mdw.

No, it is because the dash q 400 is restricted. You might want to re-check the aircraft info page

YYZ is 9, MDW is 8, YUL is 7.

According to the aircraft page of this type it is allowed to fly from an 9-airport to airports up to 7. Therefore YUL is fine, MDW is not.

thanks. i figured it out now with the little green bars!