Dankeschön! :-)


Wieder kleine Spende geleistet, das ist das Tool wert und die Arbeit von Matth wert! (s. Donate-Button auf der AS Routemap-Seite, alles ganz einfach) Weitere Spender sind sicher gerne gesehen.


Donated again a little amount, the tool and Matths work is it worth! (Donate button is on AS Routemap website, it´s easy to handle). Plz do that, too.


Recht herzlichen Dank :blush:


Recht herzlichen Dank :blush:

Warum der traurige smiley?  :)


Der ist nicht traurig, im Gegenteil. :D


Is Manzini King Mswati III International (SHO) missing on the map? It seems that it's not showing up on the map


Thanks, is fixed.


appreciated.  :)


Thanks for adding SHO, but It seems that the range circle is not working... Any way to check what's causing it?


I have no troubles using the range circle in Edge, Firefox and Chrome. Are you sure it's not working?

Which airline/city are you trying it with?


I tried it on the fly BLACK KwaZulu on Kaitak based in SHO. I tried my other airline and it seems working, so i think just fly BLACK KwaZulu has the issue, unless there's some hidden selection i need to select first to make it work


Ok, thanks. There was still one field missing in the SHO record and therefore it couldn't find the Lat/Lon coordinates. It should work now.


Is it intentional that RouteMap considers Central America to be part of North America (in terms of continents)? AS's statistics page breaks out Central America separately, which results in an inconsistency between the two sources.


I guess it was just that my database values didn't distinguish Central America and the countries got included in the North America category.

Also, according to Wikipedia there are only 7 continents. My list excludes Antarctica, as in AS there are no airports there.

"A continent is one of several very large landmasses of the world. Generally identified by convention rather than any strict criteria, up to seven regions are commonly regarded as continents. Ordered from largest in size to smallest, they are: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia."

Again, Wikipedia excludes Mexico from Central America, while AS has Mexico included in that.


I could possibly change the definition, but not sure if this is really necessary.


I understand your position, just pointing out that it is inconsistent with AS. I thought that perhaps you might have based your definitions off of AS's definitions, so I was inquiring if this was intentional. Sounds like it was!

edit: it's not a big deal. I just happen to run two airlines in central america :)



Whenever I got onto the ASroutemap it comes up with a warning that its not secure and then I cannot proceed? Any help?


The cert expired, but it’s updated already. Just try to empty your cache.


I've empty my cache, but the warning is still there?!


You should use, not


Seems since yesterday I get an error message when I try to view the map?