Hello @Matth, would it be possible for you to reset the Maddog world. We are unable to us Asroutemap with it as it says “world does not exist”.
Thank you!

Hello, I am playing on Domination: Summit Airlines and lately I’ve been having issues with updating my airline’s routes to be displayed with my progress in the game in Routemap.
I get the following message: “Airline is already worked on”
I read 1 or 2 similar cases raised here in the past, but I did not find any specific solution to this.
Hopefully someone can help me with this as Routemap is an amazing tool to keep up with the game.

This should be self-healing. Before it was after 6 hours, now I reduced that to 1 hour. Simply try to import it again.
You will see that if the import hung or got aborted for some reason. It can either happen, when the airline is very big and takes too long to process, or if there’s some other hiccup.

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