Aspern is added and should work now...


Great, thanks!


I love this map. What I would really like to see is support for alliances and / or interlining networks. What do you think?


There is such a functionality for allicances, but due to some manual work involved, and due to competitive reasons, I have not made it public.


Very cool, and well done. Thank you so much!


This tool is fantastic.



Hi all

I was a bit bored and have added a cloud and weather layer. I guess it doesn't add anything to the functionality, but it's a nice feature to add a bit more realism to the simulation. You can toggle it on or off with the buttons on the top right.


I have one question:

How to update route-map?

just upload new save game ?

or delete old and then upload new?


You just click on the "Update"-button (upper left) and reload the page.


Simply click on the update link on the upper left of the map.



I have changed some of the logic of the polylines to be thicker and brighter depending on the number of flights per week. I am not yet very happy with the result, as the algorithm to make the lines thinner is linear and not therefore some of the low frequency destinations are hardly visible. On the other hand, the high frequency destinations otherwise will cover everything making it not very useful either.

If you have a good idea on how to improve the function I'm open for suggestions. Currently I calculate the Opacity and Weight as follows:

Opacity: 1 / MaxFrequncy * Frequency (The opacity must be a value between 0.0 and 1.0)

Weight: Round(Frequency*6+1,0) (This should be the width in number of pixels. I limit the width to 7 pixels to make the lines not too big)

So this also means, that the width and opacity is relative to the selected origin airport and airline. It is not an absolute comparison compared to other airlines.

I am planning to change the color based on the type of aircraft used on the route, and I might even include the seat capacity instead of the simple frequency, but for that I first have to somehow get all the aircraft types and max seats etc.

If the routes are not showing properly, simply update the flight plan and it should then also parse the frequencies. Let me know if you like it or have some additional ideas.


When I update, I get this error:

Microsoft VBScript runtime  error '800a0005'
Invalid procedure call or argument: 'InStr'
/AS/includes/functions.asp, line 382



It took me quite some time to find a small stupid little error. But it should work now on your airline too.



Now it's working.


Fantastic tool, thank you so much for the work you put into it! :)

If I could make one small suggestion, would it maybe be possible to enable the user to toggle the various thicknesses of the lines on and off, just like you can do with the icons and weather? The way it is now, I see just one single huge red blob around my hub, which renders most parts of the map unusable because it covers up a lot of closer destinations. If I could choose to have all routes be displayed the way it was before (one small line) I could see details again instead of a red blob.


I don't really understand your problem. Which world/airline are you talking about?

The lines never get a maximum of 7 pixels, so I can't imagine that they cover up too much, and if necessary you can always zoom in.

And it's not that easy to just turn it on and off with a button.


I have just released another major update to the Routemap.

The following changes have been made:

  • The destination flown to have now a special airport icon instead of the standard Google Marker
  • The airport markers are clickable and lead to the airport page in AS
  • The routes are also clickable and will show the flights from that route in a separate window. In there, you will find a link to the aircraft type and the operator
  • Unfortunately the toggle of the clouds/weather icon does not work anymore. I haven't found the problem yet

In the flightplan window you will also get the airport size for Pax/Cargo and the runway length next to the airport names in the header.

Hope you like the new features :-)

PS: Many thanks to Petr for providing me with the airport id's to all the airports


The new features are very good.

Anyway I still see the standard Google marker on top of the new airport icon.

Also would be wonderful if the click on a airport, shows the airport page on the selected server rather than idlewild. As for aircraft and operator page.

Thank you.


Thanks, I missed that one. I changed the link on the airport to match the world of the airline.

The marker you still see is not the standard google one, but very similar. These simply represent all AS airports and are also shown for the airports flown to.

These are the ones with the link to the AS airport page.


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Oh - update - just tried only my holding and it worked. Is that normal?