Good morning Snoopzilla

Did you get any error message? When I check now, it seems to be working just fine.

Maybe the server had a short hick-up.

Now it´s working, you´re right, it was a hick-up. :)


As you might have seen, I have added a new feature lately to the Route Map. You will now see the current position of your aircraft if they are airborne.

The positions will not get updated automatically, you will have to reload the page. Yet it does provide a nice way to show the waves (if you have them) in your flight plan, seeing your aircraft arrive together, or leave together. See the example below which clearly shows the European flights, the Australian as well as the other Asian flights come in a nice wave.


No need to change anything, this feature is automatically activated. Hold your mouse over the aircraft to see the flight number and route as well as the average speed of the flight. Click on it to see the flight plan for that airport pair.

To ensure that the positions are correct, please update your airline to have all the required data.

Also if you do have svg-icons for various aircraft types, then I would love to get them, so that I can make the items depending of the aircraft.


Hey Matth,

I´m loving your tool since the first day  :wub:

It´s a great help for me to organize my network and looking for new destinations.

The new planes are a nice idea, but could you add an additional option, do switch off the planes, if needed?


I was thinking about that, but was struggling with the layer option. If it is bothering you, I'll probably move it to a separate page.


Can I do a feature request?

This would be putting a departure/arrival + hour + time window, and would display only those routes.

For example, parameters: departure, 0800, 180 mins would display on a map route of all flights whose departures are starting from 8 am through 11 am

same, arrivals, 0700, 180 mins would display on a map route of all flights whose arrivals are scheduled between 0400 and 0700 am

This would be great for visual display of wave planning: are there many flights arriving form south at (prior) to 0700 am? So 0800 am needs to have many northbound departures. We can easily see on the map which departures are already there (destinations) and having that coupled with airport size information already present, is a great planning tool.

I don't know how difficult this would be to program, but flight data is already there, it's a matter of sorting and filtering it for arrivals/departures/time/window of time


Hello Rubiohiguey2000

That already exists, at least for the departure part. It should be possible to add the same for the arrival part for sure.

The "Find airports within a timeframe" is basically what you are asking for, no? Or what different requirements would you have for that?


What I meant was to display on the map flights that depart DT+X, where DT = departure time, X= time window

So ideally the asroutemap would have a menu, where I would select a departure (or arrival) time (e.g. 0700) and a time window (e.g. 4 hours) and the map would read the database (flight schedule) for all departures that depart between 0700 and 1100 am, and would display those flights on a map. Not ALL flights, just the selected flights. And it would display it as lines (as it is currently).

What you write of "find airports within timeframe" is a circle that maps airports that can be reached within that time.

I am talking about showing flights (routes) that depart (or arrive) within a specified time frame only.

P.S. I think the speed calculation is incorrect, I have some E-Jets traveling at 1164 km/h as well as 413 km/h


No no. There are two different maps on the Finding Airport page.

Use the right one to get this:

This shows all the departures within the specified time frame with a red line. The blue routes are destinations served from the selected hub, but where the departure is NOT within the specified time frame.

So, it should serve your purpose, but it also shows more than what you wanted, as it also shows served routes outside of the selected time frame. And you can't show the arrivals.

If I find some time during the weekend, I will have a look at that.

Regarding the speed calculation. Which airline/world is it? There used to be some miscalculations with flights across time zones. But I thought that should be fixed if you updated the flight plan. Otherwise I need to look at it.


Thanks Matth, This is basically what I was looking for.

Just two comments/suggestions:

1) is it possible to remove/filter out blue lines, so only red lines are visible? It is less cluttered that way and much easier to spot "holes" in wave planning (maybe this could be an on/off option ... or two switchable layers such as route map and live traffic, similar as the one on ASLiveTraffic)

and can you do this setup also for arrivals? That would certainly be great.

2) The aircraft n the air, as was mentioned by other poster, it would be nice to be able to turn on/off that aircraft layer.

PS speed - I update the airline and now it shows more reasonable speed, but still

3 different A319, speeds: 782, 784, 790 km/h

why is that?

One more suggestion:

so far I have been using just

because the I find too confusing


1) Here are two more pages. You will have to type the URLs directly for the time, as I have not made a link to it. and

T2 is showing only the departures during the specified time frame. Also the thickness of the lines is depending on the number of flights to that destination only during the specified time frame.

TA is the same, but showing the arrivals during the specified time frame.

Both pages take the following parameters:

W = World

C = AirlineCode

A = Airport Hub

S = Minimum size of Airports to display (optional)

fh = From time (optional)

th = To time (optional)

md = Minimum distance (optional)

xd = Maximum distance (optional)

So to view the page type

You can always select the other parameters later on and refresh the page.

2) The small speed differences come from the way the flight time is calculated. The flight time is calculated by dividing the distance through the speed of the aircraft plus 25 minutes. As the 25 minutes is a fixed value it influences the average slightly. The longer a route, the higher the average speed will be, as the 25 minutes are spread over a longer distance.

3) I agree, the RouteMapF.asp is not very simple to use and it takes a bit of time to really understand the map.


This is awesome, thank you so much!

There is one small bug, though. If you cross day in time selection, e.g. 23.00 to 05.00, it does not display anything.


Yes, that's correct. I haven't bothered to work around the midnight problematic.


Is there any way to resolve it (easily)? Right now I have to switch between screens/tabs to see the departures / arrivals at 2300 bank :( which goes from 23.00 through 02.00

Maybe some programming logic along the lines:

 - if th < fh

 - then  process fh to 23.59 AND process 00.00 to th

 - display together

so in this particular case : entering parameters 2300 (fh) through 0200 (th) would process

if 0200 < 2300

then process

2300 through 2359


0000 through 0200

Thanks if possible to resolve this


I tried it out and it doesn't seem to work. I put in what I think is the airlines ID "MV" as did I choose the right server (tempelhof) and it gives me the following error:

Reading flightplan

ASPtear error '800a01f4'

Server returned error information for request

/includes/functions.asp, line 217

Did I do something wrong or is there I bug or something?



Oh, never mind, I just found it out myself :D


thank you, I was trying and looking good.



Matth, did you have a chance to resolve the "midnight bug" ?


Hey Rubio

Sorry, I was busy working on a completely new version of the Route Map and then I was also away on a short weekend trip to Bali.

It should be fixed now. It's quite a tricky problem, but let me know if you find an error.


It looks like it's working OK. I will do some more testing and if there is any issue I will report back.

Just one minor thing... could you rename T2.asp into TD.asp

that way TA would be for arrivals, and TD for departures ...

One more thing... the lines used to be blue before, now they are red.

Unfortunately, the red has very bad contract with the background, especially on routes with just 1 flight.

Then, the line is practically invisible. I had to zoom in to almost under my nose in order to be able to recognize those lines.

And when we add the reddish circles on top of it, the result is quite bad for me, I can only recognize routes with multiple flights, which have bolder lines.

Can you PLEASE put the BLUE lines back?

Also, I have noticed that one of my airlines has these lines much bolder/stronger than the other one.

Idlewild / Central Airways 

(thinner line, 2 flights)


Idlewild / Central Panama

(bolder line, 1 flight)





Good morning

I now also have adjusted TA (which I forgot yesterday). And I also renamed T2 to TD.

Aehm, I am not quite sure about the blue lines. I used to show blue lines only (and still do) on the page RouteMapT.asp. And the blue lines show the existing routes with no flights during the time period. But on all others, I had always red lines.

You can easily hide the circles, just select a small value (i.e. 10/20 km) and they won't bother...

I am working on a complete new version, where you can select and de-select elements as you wish, I might try to have an option for the line color too then.