Yes, in order to remove additional airlines, you have to reset the page and do a reload.

I also adjusted the display of additional airlines. If you select a hub, you will only see flights from that hub, also for the additional airlines. If you select "All", then you get the full network.


Matth, Line width is not working ... (works only for Display Airport routes), but not for main airline display or additional airline display.

Also I do not understand the purpose of Show Circles ... those are just two static circles that do not change at all (at 800/1500 km) ...

Are they mean to show 800/1500 km ranges to hep with service profiles?

But then, you can change the distance under Range Circle, and any change you make is stacked one on top of another. Clicking Remove, removes all layers. Maybe a button "Remove" should remove them all, including the 800/1500 km range circle (imagine you want to just display a 2000 km rage circle... then the 800/1500 km range circles, which are static and displayed always, are causing confusion and clutter the view).

Btw it took me some playing with the tool to find out that the static circles are 800/1500 km circles.

P.S. Any way to use the "remove" button functionality (use din Remove Circles) in the option to "Display second airline"? That Remove button could (maybe) remove the stacked layers there as well, I would assume ... ? or not possible?


The line width is not working? There was an issue with displaying the additional airline when the line width was set to 0, but it should work now.

When you set the line width in the setting to 0, the route maps will be displayed with variable widths, depending on the frequencies of the flights. If the settings are set to anything above 0 and smaller or equal than 7, the lines will have that width.

The show circles selection is to show the 800/1500km distances for the service profiles, correct. These can be turned on or off easily via the checkbox in the first menu.

For the range circle, you can add as many as you want, and yes, they are stacked on top of each other. And you can display a range circle without showing the service profile circles.

I added a remove button. For some reason, it only removes the last additional airline added. Have to check why the others are not removed as well.


Well whatever number I set the line width to, all the routes are shown with line width 1, that's what I meant with line width not working.

Sorry for this, seems that this was my browser acting up ... cleared cache and offline data and now it's working.

Thanks for the great work with AS Route Maps.


Thanks for the great work and updates.

Some little suggestions/improvements:

1) Line Color PAX does not seem to change the color. I tried in different browsers and was not able to change from the default bright red.

2) Would it be possible to add small "x" to close boxes in "Display Second Airline" and "Flights in Time"? (similar as e.g. in Speed Circles)

3) Would it be possible to  add "Submit" button instead of auto-submit when selecting the second airline to display? (so it would have similar Submit/Remove buttons as "Flights in Time")

Thank you very much.


Yes, I did a few updates yesterday. Now it's finally possible to remove all the additional airline routes with the button. You can now also add all flights which depart or arrive at a hub within a given time frame.

And aircraft which don't have a correct outline/size icon are now shown in yellow instead of black.


1. I have to check that.

2. You can simply select the menu again to make it disappear. But yes, adding the x makes sense

3. Should be possible


and I add all my flights to google earth to have waves displayed graphically.

Matth, great work !!! (you could have finished that three days ago and save me work, though  ^_^  )


If only you had told me… Haha


Ok, now it's also possible to change the color for the cargo and pax flights of your airline.

And the other two points have also been adjusted.


is there any way to pick how times are displayed? Before I could selecte the flights to be displayed, I never bothered, but now, I re-scheduled flights twice before realizing routemap times are hub times (well, in my defence, the time difference is exactly the length of the wave block I was scheduling...)


Hmm, I'm not quite sure what you mean. Yes, the times are hub times.

And you can export the flight plan to Excel, choosing the time you want

And I just added another feature. You can now select the routes flown by a specified aircraft type.


I think what yukawa means is that when you select flights by times, you must enter the time of the airport you are looking at and not your airline’s designated hub time.

For example if your airline’s designated hub is in ORD (so tour flight plan and scheduling is based on ORD time) and you want to see all flight departing from JFK between 2 and 5 pm hub (ORD) time, you have to enter flights in time with hours 3 to 6 pm, the local JFK time, not 2 to 5 pm, your ORD hub time applied to JFK.


sry for being unclear

what rubio is saying is not exactly what I meant, but it's going in the same direction.

I am using UTC in game to avoid issues with time zones. Any chance, you can add an option to select the time display in the route map just like you can in-game (hub times, UTC, ...) ?


Is there a way to have the airport pins in place when the map loads like the old one did ?

Only way I found was to click the plane icon and choose them one by one. That's a lot of clicks...


@Kruiseri: No, not at the moment. I did feel that the old display was way too crowded and I felt that having the airports shown is only required when you actually search for a new destination. You can also display an icon for every destination that you already fly to by selecting the check-box.

@Yukawa: I'll have a look into that, although the whole time zone thing is rather a complicated thing. It almost drove me nuts when I worked the options with the flight plan.


And yet another few updates.

  • You can now select multiples airports as the window remains open until you click the blue plane button again.
  • I save the selection of airports to a cookie and when you reload the page, it will remember which airports you had showing and displays them again


Hi Matth,

Can you please elaborate a bit the "Find an airport" feature? I am a bit struggling to make a good interpretation of the returned data and there is not much on the website in relation to this new functionality.

Today, I was searching for a good place where I could start an airline on Fornebu. I specified airports at least 6bar in size. The data returned does not reflect the situation on the server.

  • LAX has - according to the data - 44% slots (is that 44% free or 44% taken?). When checking on the server, I discovered only 9% of free slots.
  • The same goes for the number of departures at LAX where the returned number is not reflecting the actual number of departures at that airport.
  • What means "Rank"? Even without knowing what the number means, I went to the topmost ranked airport (Rank 98.0), MCO to discover that this airport is "saturated" (slot-/flight-wise)

As you can see from my questions, I am pretty clueless about this function... :-)


I have amended the description on top of the page to explain it a bit more.

The numbers are to be used with caution, as I can base my analysis only on the flights and airlines that I have already on my server. Furthermore, each game world uses slightly different number of slots per 5 minutes on the various airports.

The more airlines are on my server, the more accurate the values will be. If you are particularly interested in a specific country, I'd suggest to import the 3-4 biggest airlines (the more the better) of that country/world and then run the page. This should then give you a fairly good picture for a starting place.

And to find a good spot, you should look for low scores.


I introduced a new feature today. It allows to check which cities are not served by a direct flight from a given hub.

To ensure that you have all flights, make sure all airlines that fly to the hub you're looking at are on my site and up-to-date. Then type in the IATA code for the airport, select the country you wanna check and select the minimum airport size. All airports that do not have a direct flight from the hub will pop up.

Let me know how you like it.


Thanks, it is really helpful when seeking new destinations.