Runways with 0m length

I’ve come across a few airports with 0m runways. I guess there is no way of servicing these airports except by flying to a nearby airport that has ground service. Is that right? And does having an office help in getting passengers here in some way?

Most of the ones I’ve seen are actually seaplane terminals. Do these airports exist because there was/is plans to add seaplanes to Airlinesim?

There was an early version of airlinesim that featured seaplanes and helicopters. These are the remains ;) .

Are there any plans to bring back seaplanes?

The Short Sunderland !

The Catalina !

The Spruce Goose ;)

hmm… why were seaplanes and helicopter services discontinued?? sounds like fun… use helicopter connecting service to downtown areas to attract more business/first pax… any plans to restart helicopters atleast?

It didn’t fit with the performance calculation system - unfortunately ;)