Sandbox World

Maybe there should be a sandbox game world. It might sound stupid but it could be good. Instead of just having 10,000,000 you could have 100,000,000.

And what would be the advantage?

Well the advantage would be more successful airlines. So there won’t be the problem where a starter airline comes creates a airline for 5 days and then deletes it because his or her’s airline is suffering financial difficultie.

I hate to burst your bubble, but starting out with 100$million would still mean airlines having financial difficulties…people would just get way too many airplanes and it would be much harder to manage…so you end up having a saturation of markets before you even start playing lol

I would avoid giving more them 10$million…mainly because it helps new comers learn the better ways of playing…primarly because they would have a small amount of planes to manage at first.

It would not. Even with 100.000.000 you can fail, if you dont understand how the game works. And again, this is an economic simulation, not everyone can be successfull …

Actually, i think with 100$million that there would be LOTS LESS succesful airlines…using 10$million you can start with 9 planes…so imagine 100$million…its about 90 planes…(dash8)…so you would need to be seriously good with this game for that to work out well :D