Schedule red - same flights


Is there a reason why some of my flights are in red and some yellow (i'm talking about the same flights) its the same routine and I don't know if I missing something I tried to look at the wiki but did'nt find a direct answer.

I atteched the schedule.


Since you submitted only a part of the schedule i could not find it in the picture, but it is typically a problem that the aircraft arrives at a different Airport then it will depart. So give it a check.

Benjamin gave the explanation for red.

as you probably already know, yellow is for not yet activated.

oh, and you probably want to change that schedule as you definitely don’t have traffic rights on all those routes. (Unless you are a cargo airline)

Check the wiki if in doubt. There’s a good explanation with pictures.

The problem seems to be with the last flight on the bottom of the schedule, presumably last flight on Sunday - check that it arrives to TLV

Hi parteners!

Am a new one here and i have a simple question...

Since i bought my first aircraft, scheduled it, it appears in the weekly programme (scheduling) all the flights green. Correct dep time (15.30), correct arr time everything ok!

But when am going to check the "flights" appears two of my flights with wrong dep. time!

I checked the dep time and all the other staff and just in the "booked flights" appears wrong time (00.00)

Why this is happening....anyone?

Thank you ! :-)

Hi Architekt,

Can you post a screenshot of your schedule page and your flights booked page?

What I could think of first is that maybe your schedule is showing flights in UTC and booked flights shown in Hub Time, etc*. but it would be much clearer if you could post screenshots, the whole page including the time in the top left corner (you can delete your money info). Because myself i have not yet encountered anything like this, but all my airlines run and display on Hub Time (HT).

* There are total of three time options in AS: Hub Time, Destination Time, and UTC.