SDU Santos Dumont

So I wrote the following email to AS:

I think the data for SDU airport Rio de Janeiro Santos Dumond in Brazil is incorrect.In airlinesim basically the only aircraft that can operate from this airport because of ground roll takeoff and landing are ATR and Dash 400. But in real life the following aircraft are being regularly operated from SDU:

GOL linhas aereas - Boeing 737-800

Azul linhas aereas - Embraer 190

Avianca Brazil - Airbus 319

TAM linhas aereas - Airbus 319

This infotmation can be verified on and I am sure also on each airline’s website. Unfortunately in Airlinesim all these aircraft can not operate to or from Santos Dumond and aircraft performance tool lists these aircraft as NOT OK to operate to or from SDU.Can you please correct this?

As I have further researched this topic I see there have been similar complaints in the past from other players.

I ask 2 and a half years later, what has been done about this? Some airport patches have come through but not for SDU Santos Dumont. When can we expect this to be corrected?

Hi there,

As far as I'm aware, the only reason 737 can operate there is because Boeing designed a SFP package for the 800 in response to the needs of Gol.

While I can understand it is frustrating, I would not have fingers and toes crossed for such an expansion for AirlineSim in near future

Lj but what about A319 and E190? Have those also been specially altered?

Yes - additionaly there is a specific landing and departure setting for this airport only to be operated by the pilots. Currently we are not able to simulate these procedures for a specific airport.