Searching for business partners

Hi everyone,

I’m searching for the AS community.

Please let me know if there is any community :slight_smile:

This is the main reason for me to search for interlining partners and an alliance.

My Airline:

[size="2"]Name[/size] [size="2"]Flying Dragonbeavers[/size] [size="2"]Code[/size] [size="2"]FDB[/size] [size="2"]Headquarters[/size] [size="2"]Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA) [/size]

My HUB is SHA.

Other HUBs, increasing frequency at routes is possible, but I’m not going to move my from SHA to PVG :wink:

It is much easier to get in contact via IRC, bord or a PM.

For further questions please send me a PM in EN or DE or meet me at AS IRC.

Have a nice weekend!