Seat space

By repeating a wrong statement, it won’t getting correct!

But I made a mistake too. The seat-pitch is IIRC part of the image. So the passenger leaving your aircraft are judging the pitch and this will be part of the image for your company. So there is no difference on the rating for the next flight. But there is a slight difference caused by the pitch - so stating that using less seats won’t effect anything is simply not the truth.

Please re-read my first posting in this thread. I made two statements…

  1. If removing 30% of the seats results in only one extra green bar, it does not work properly

  2. It does not even have an effect on the ORS, so it does not work at all.

If you (or Tim, or Martin) had told me straight away that image factors do not influence the ORS rating, I would not have repeated 4 times what I saw with my own eyes.

And I still stand by my first remark. Removing one third of the seats should give you 5 green bars, not just two. But okay, at least it works

Good. That explains why I could not see any results on the ORS rating.

But it leads me to another question… if image does not have an influence on the ORS rating, then what does image do ? I am sure it is more than eye candy.


umm - misunderstandable - of course the image has influence on the rating. But the same for all flight. Doesn’t matter if the flight is operated by a lowcost carrier or by a premium carrier or even which kind of aircraft you use and which seats or pitch or service you offer. If you have 10 flights within one hour but each flight has a different aircraft types, service, seats, number of flight attendants, seat pitch etc. - all of these flights will be rated with the same image factor. The other rating factor except of image (just take a look at a rating detail page to name them) of course not. But with operating the flights, the passengers of each flight will have an opinion on your airline and the image will be influenced by that opinion too. So maybe on the next day the image might be better or worse - but it will be the same for all of these flights too. And whenever you take a look into the ORS the image rating is the same until a new flight has influenced the rating.

Please note also, that it doesn’t really matter if you got 1,3 or 5 bars for 30% less passengers - what really counts are the possibility for the virtual passenger to compare your offer with the offer of your oponents.

And in addition to that, Image is something built up over time, which means that any changes you make now will only be noticeable later (maybe a week or two, maybe even more), because you’ll keep dragging your previous Image with you for a while still.

When the Image was first introduced, this was very much noticeable, everyone started at 0, and had to build their image over the first few weeks.

Thanks guys.

So unlike product factors, who directly influence the rating of a specific flight, image factors have an influence on the rating of your airline in general. And it is that overall image rating that influences the ORS rating of every flight.

Good to know.


That’s right. Sorry for the misunderstanding ;)