seating configuration

friends i have just leased an aircraft i am not being able to create a seating configuration as i cannot find the option to create a new configuration. all i can see is a standard configuration which have 2 option which are delete and remarks i am not being able to delete also as  it is showing that it is already in use by an aircraft. please help me by telling the steps i will have to do. 

On the Top row you can see a chair, a fork and a knife .... if you click on it you have a drop down menu where you can see cabin configuration. You have to select your Aircraft and give it a Name. Afterwards you can choose your own seating plus select Flight Attandants amd let it calculate if it works .... then safe it .....

It should also be noted that you cannot create a seat configuration for a model of aircraft until the aircraft is under your control.  If you leased a brand new airplane with delivery from the manufacturer, then you have to wait until the plane is delivered before you can define a new config.  

To prevent the installation of standard seats when you order the aircraft, disable the "Create standardized seating configuration if no default has been specified" setting in Home > Enterprise > Settings > Game Settings.  You can then create seating configurations for new models when you receive them, and not have to replace the game-assigned standard seats in order to install your desired configuration.

thanks for your advice