Seating error question


Hi Guys, im seeing something weird, im sure its me doing something wrong, but can anyone help? plane is set up with more seats than the flights are showing being used?

pic attached, what have i done wrong / what am i missing?


surely i should have 80 economy seats available as shown in seating config bottom right?


Depends on the choice of plane. From Toronto to London, it is quite a long flight. If you are using a small plane, then you will only have the shown seats available.


It’s a rather long route… and apparently you’re not using a long-haul aircraft for it. Your aircraft can still make the route, but with severely limited payload - it simply can’t carry more than 21 people over that distance.

Go to the “performance tool” linked on the top right and check your route and the possible payload.

Bottom line: You’ll need to find a shorter route for your aircraft or a different aircraft type for serving that route.


Ahh damn my bad, thanks


use the airline type eval tool - it’ll tell you the max seats available for a variety of planes on the same screen