seats displayed wrongly in flight page

Why the seat can display wrongly in flight page. It makes the booking also get wrong.

the fact is my route cabin configuration is 100 economy and 14 business, but it showed 3 business seats only in flight booking page.

so what is that wrong?how to solve…

check performance off plane, may be the runwaylength is too short for your configuration

I checked my distination CAI, it is 3998m so long enough for my 737-700 winglet.

and, I re-assigned the cabin configuration. hope that resolve…

anything else I can do?

Make sure you always check a flight in BOTH directions.

Also, runway length is just one of the factors. What’s the other airport used for this flight?

edit: nevermind, saw your airline is based in Hong Kong. On that flight, you can only transport a grand total of 286kg of payload. With passengers counting for 95kg each, that means a maximum of 3 passengers that you can carry.

If you wish to operate this route, you need to use an aircraft more suitable for it, such as the 767 or A330 (though I recommend looking for destinations closer to home before going into the long haul business). The Boeing 737-series are clearly not suitable for it at all.

I found the performance tool, now I know thank you.

Useful info especially since I almost never operate at 100% payload and wonder if I’ll get the full cargo load or not.