Second hand market


Hereby i want to express my disapproval of the changes made to the second hand aircraft market at the game patch in early May. Before all the available second hand aircraft for lease or buy were available in the plane type’s page. Now there is hardly any airplane available. For example on Tempelhof it says there are 1129 public DH4’s. From those only two are visibile and these are for sale. Furthermore there are 17 new airplanes on order.

I understand the motivations behind these changes but myself also being a programmer i think the team has chosen the wrong path.

  1. I think one of the main ideas before this was that aircraft should be available to newcomers instead of being snapped up by established players. Unfortunately the result is that veteran players have more money and probably are more committed to the game being online more. This way when an aircraft pops up in the leasing queue they can grab it instantly as they have the money most of the time. New players still need to fight hard for airplanes or order them new (which they could do before).

  2. The other reason i think was page load times for aircraft type pages. At first sight this goal was achieved but looking more into details one can figure out that the changes are in fact worse performance wise (on long term). Take a look at my example above with Tempelhof. Instead of letting the 1129 planes on the market to be leased or bought by players the team is forcing us to order new planes. What is the result of this ? Well more and more airplanes will be ordered and as companies go bankrupt more and more public planes will accumulate but will be available to no one. So more and more new planes are being ordered. This is an infinite cycle. But these planes do exist in the game (database) and even if they are not displayed the server needs to handle them - thus affecting performance. Wouldn’t have been more simple to put a pagination on the aircraft pages ? Or split them geographically ?

So i kindly ask you to reconsider this change or find another way to implement it. If anyone share my opinion or thinks i’m wrong please write your thoughts below.

As time goes by more and more aircraft are allowed to be released to the public market.

My "thoughts":

  • It has been stated early on that the current changes are a temporary solution that will be eventually replaced by something far more sophisticated.

  • We are working on this right now and the result will be a completely reworked second hand market that was actually intended to be a part of AirlineSim 1.6. It’s hopefully just a matter of weeks until we can ship it, altough I recommend taking this figure with a few grains of salt, as usual.