Separate Terminal Space for Passenger and Cargo Terminals

There should be separate building areas for pax and cargo terminals at each airport, each with its own quota.

As it is now, a large cargo airline can easily use all the terminal lots and leave nothing for passenger airlines. (Particularly because cargo terminals are cheap to build and use a lot of space.) Two examples are Hongkong and Anchorage on Stapleton.

In real world airports there is usually one separate area for cargo and one for passengers.

If you are talking about slots - they are not parts of terminals, they are slots on runways.

No, I think he’s talking about the ‘lots’ an airport has for how many pax handling or cargo handling terminals can be built by users. Ultimately, whilst they are separate t an airport, they only have so much square footage to use, so it’s probably fine as-is.

Sorry to bring this topic back up. However I have to agree very much with Frank’s statement. 200 “lots” is just not enough. Most major airports have all the space taken while there is still runway capacity ‘slots’ left. obviously there are often limits to how large an airport can grow, but having a flat 200+ for each airport seems very unrealistic.