Server Down?

Is idlewild server down now? The game status display as daily update for nearly 7 hours and none of my events are dispatched for a long time. Is that normal to have such a long update at the end of the week.

Short answer, yes it is normal.  The server does a weekly update on Monday which makes it slow or unresponsive for most of the day.

Only Kaitak and Meigs seem to have problems at the moment.

sk, I have no idea how the backend of AS is structured, but have you considered moving to a platform like Amazon AWS to allow extra capacity to be temporarily brought online for peak loads?

I understand AS is a private business so if you don't want to discuss this sort of thing on the public forum that's fine :)

@wonk: If you don't know what you're talking about, please don't.

I have to say that the idlewild server is not responding again and events are not dispatched since midnight. Now it has been 5 hours. I don't see the point here, can anybody tell me what kind of maintenance can cause such a long time service halt. 

Also Croydon is unavailable at the moment.

Please guys, there's a special board for this and there's already a thread on the issue: