Servers offline?

Is it me or did everything just shut down?

everything shutdown

I can get into kaitak but I can’t do anything

Yea I was doing something and everything just died… scheduled maintenance or security issue?

I have no idea. I’m still a noob at this.

Yea, same here… still curious as to what happened… I really wanna get back and finish my schedule :P.

Everything should be accessible. It’s normal, that you can’t schedule flight an so on right now, because the servers are busy with their weekly updates (have a look at the server status page, linked at the bottom of every page). Usually takes 1-3 hours.

It looks like things may be coming back–fewer of the game worlds have red dots in front of them now.

Thanks! I think we both hit "Post" at the same time; otherwise, I wouldn’t have bothered with the previous post.