Service profile


could someone please help me with service profile, Im having a difficult time understanding the mechanics behind it. I notice strange movements when I add more items than simply offering the highest food and drink

thank you 

Could you be a bit more specific with your question?

The service profile thing is a bit of a conundrum as it is not 'easy' to understand - but from what I have learned/been told or read on the forums it would appear that the items themselves have no tangible effect on the actual level of service. 

Underlying the mechanic is that as you increase your spending there is a net benefit to the airline service level.   ie: spend more = higher levels

One thing to remember is you can not have more than 3 bars for very short flights i think its 500km or less - so you should have a short haul/tiny steps category for any of your short haul flights.   It would be a waste to be serving full meals and champagne on a flight that is 1hr or so.   Unless that is your thing :)  in which case if you have cheap tickets and free champagne sign me up !!