Should AS ground the MAX too?

We are supposed to simulate reality in the game. Reality now is, that most of the world has grounded the MAX, so should it be grounded in AS too ?

Just a thought on added realism :wink:

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AirlineSim is meant to be a strategic simulation - and not supposed to require players to be active every day to react to sudden events.

So we have no intentions to ground the 737 MAX in the game.

Simply no. AS is not a micromanagement simulator (no weather, no tech etc) nor should AS react to anything else temporary. You don’t see Pakistan airspace closed in AS, not did you see the 787 grounded when that was

I agree grounding would be extreme, but perhaps a more minor adjustment such as popularity with passengers. Maybe it should be knocked down to 4 bars instead of 5.


That would make a lot of sense.

I don’t see why.
I also don’t support the idea of a grounding

This would mean at least 25% of my fleet on Tempelhof would be inoperative, not counting the orders. I do see your point, but I am against grounding.

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As the accident itself is not simulated, there’s no reason grounding the aircraft. It would not be real even in reality when an aircraft type suddenly grounded with no explanation. So if you’re talking about realism, it’s not realistic to ground MAX when there’s no accident happens in AirlineSim worlds. Even to reduce its popularity is also not realistic, because again, MAX here experienced no accident nor incident.

I am #teamNEO I don’t like MAX. But it doesn’t mean MAX should be grounded just because the world said so.


I also support a temporary (assuming Boeing fixes the problem(s)) decrease in the ratings to 3 or 4 bars as well.

Even when Boeing says they have fixed this I imagine a great many people will still be nervous about flying on these planes for some time to come.

Temporary RL changes have NEVER been reflected in AS. Ever. It would be impossible to keep up with every liitle change that happens IRL and code it.

I have no idea why this discussion is going on for so long. It’s not gonna happen. Get over it.

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Just like AS doesn’t have striking ATC in France, neither should it temporarily ground any aircraft

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