Should I buy the 777?

Hi guys I haven’t played in a while. Obviously it losed a lot of money meanwhile so I decided to revive it and open a new route. A non-stop from my hub to AKL. I’d need a 777 to fly that particular route since it’s long-range. Should I buy it? (I have 2 mil rn)

EDIT: I found the 787-8 to be more profitable on this route since it has less capacity

Game world and airline?

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Don’t buy. Leasing is your choice perhaps.
Other than that - what exactly is your question? Or how should anyone answer without knowing any facts? You want to fly to AKL from your hub - and where is this hub?
787 is always better choice over all other planes with the right setup and on the right routes. Without knowing where you wanna fly it does not make any sense to answer.

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It’s domination, AST

And why would you want to fly to New Zealand?

So your “hub” is Aosta??
Not only is your runway short, a hub-spoke system not existant and transfer impossible, but generally I hardly can imagine a route that has the potential to burn more money than Europe-AKL.

I’d say that 99.9% of all users refer to leasing when they “buy”.

Might be but 50% of those will also buy planes. Perhaps not a 777 but other types yes.

Agreed, but as in the TO’s case 2m$ doesn’t bring you that far. Actually I’d be worried to have enough cash for a cabin after the lease deposit left the bank account- for something smaller than a 777/788.

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In your case getting a 777 and flying to AKL is pointless. Otherwise to generally adress the question 777s can be really good planes. Getting a brand new 777 is stupid as you should instead get a 787 or A350 and if you need anyhting bigger get a 747-8. We will see how the 777X does but for the classics it is really not smart. Otherwise used 777s can usually be found quite cheap and they are great planes if you want to get into high demand long haul without a big bank account. I used to fly used 777-300ERs on trans atlantic and high demand Hawaii flights and they performed wonderfully. Sometimes they even got better returns than A350-1000s on similar routes. Remember that the 777 is a big plane and you will need a lot of feed to fill it. If slots arnt an issue and you want to start long haul but cant afford a 787 then getting cheap 757s, 767s, A300s, A330s or A340s is a better way to go especially as you can increase frequency without increasing capacity and thereby capturing more of the market (asuming you dont offer the same connections on all waves).

The biggest newbie mistake in AS is overestimating demand. A lot of new players will immidiatly go long haul and will never be able to fill the planes. I did the same mistake, my first AS flight was a trans atlantic CRJ with stop in Iceland, it was an utterly stupid thing. As a new player focus on buildning a strong well functioning hub and then long haul will be super easy to do later on. Long Haul can be very profitable (500k profit per flight) but medium haul is equally profitable and usually the demand is much higher and the planes are more flexible. In all my airlines medium haul was the real money maker due to the exreamly high margins and high demand. Medium haul is the way to go in most AS pricing models. Also remeber that medium haul passengers usually are connecting meaning that they already made you money on another route.

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