Should I have a fresh start?


I’ve been running Seattle Airshuttle (Xiguan) for 4 months now, that was the most successfull airline I’ve ever run, but still made tons of mistakes and now I can’t grow anymore.

1)Should I restart? And where? There are FLL, IAD and DTW that looks suitable for a fresh start. Should I instead start somewhere else in Asia (ICN, CTS, KUL, DEL)?

2)Should I keep this airline going, even if my earnings are only growing like +100k AS$ per week?

BTW thanks for the advices on previous topics, I’ve learnt a ton


The answer is a clear no.
Don’t restart, but re-structure. That other thread should have given you all advice needed.

US in Xiguan is almost empty. Just don’t focus on big airports for a hub. Use the dollars you’ve earned so far and built a well timed hub wave system. The more airframes, the better.

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Well yes and no. Like AK said you need to restructure with a well timed wave system. Maybe something like 4 waves a day. At the moment your hub at Seattle doesn’t seem all that organized, the flights are sporadic and there is a limited chance of connections. It is a new world and the USA is fairly empty and so the point to point demand will still be great, but if you are looking into the future, I would suggest creating a hub and spoke system, starting with your HQ at Seattle and then moving to somewhere like Sacramento as I have seen you have started to do. Again it is up to you, but I feel like building a good wave system is key to becoming a more successful airline in the game.


yes, I’m improving it a lot, but actually there are a cople of planes doing 2 round trip a day, 4 are doing 3 roundtrip a day and 2 are doing 4 round trip a day.
I’m actually thinking of selling the 3 ATRs in SMF to buy 2 CRJ-700, that are going to be profitable on such a large AIP like SEA.
How well should I organize the departures? I mean, may I sacrifice maintainance time? (I.E, My wave is at 14z, my A/C comes back from SMF at 12:15z…in order to get a little bit of maintainance, may I let it depart at 14:15z or should I let it depart at 14z anyway?)


Maint never at your hub.
SMF has 75min transfer and geografically really isn’t the best choice. Pick one with 45min and schedule so that you’re departing >=46min after the arrivals.


One guy I played with had his hub in Wichita, Kansas. Small airport (45 min connecting time), plenty of slots (8 per 5 minutes, most other small airports have far less) and no competition whatsoever. You must provide enough connections to make it work, though, as direct demand is rather limited.


Wichita is one of those highly recommended locations, yes.
In fact, the less demand such airport has, the more is it suitable for a hub. Direct demand only blocks capacity once you rely on connecting pax only. The big airports are a really bad choice therefore.
Of course, in the early stage of an airline direct demand helps filling empty seats.
Hence I recommend to get as many (suitable) air frames you could get for your budget and schedule them wisely if you don’t want those direct pax.


Some more options: HSV with 9 slots per 5 min and 45 min transfer time? LIT with 10 slots? LEX has also 8 slots, JAN 10, EUG with 10.

BUT pssssttt… Don’t tell anybody… :grinning:


Ony tells that some American airports are massively oversized… :upside_down_face: