Slot Availability

[font="Trebuchet MS"]I am new to AirlineSim and find it dificult to find airports with slot availability, which makes it very difficult to schedule any flights.

e.g. London Heathrow as literally no slots available :(

Will AirlineSim be increasing the number of slots in the future?[/font]

No, the number of slots will normally not be changed. You can try to fly to smaller airports. Or take a look at a newer server. On Pearls there´s more space to fly ;)

Or just be patient, like airlines have to be in real life. Every now and then slots become available again and is there a better feeling than finally getting good slots at a heavily constrained airport and opening the route? :)

London gatwick is sorta the alternative/overflow for airlines too go to if Heathrow is booked for those time slots LGW

On Stapleton LGW is heavily congested and its limiting my growth, Heathrow is also heavily conjested, which is causing me massive problems as there are very limited slots at both airports.

STN Stansted is also quite big

I don’t think it causes you "massive problems", it is simply limiting growth - that’s a huge difference! :wink:

Every airport seems to be congested by airlines hogging over 3,000 weekly slots. This cannot be fair!!!

That’s real life! Access to London Heathrow is highly limited in real life as well and nobody complains about fairness. Do you expect to start an airline and get 100+ Slots at the biggest airports??? C’mon! Try to start slowly, using smaller airports and there will be a chance every now and then to access the bigger airports… Or try to interline with another airline who’s offering LHR-services so you get at least connecting pax from there.

Remember: There’s no right to grow in this game. You have to earn it!


he already deactivated his account, claims the credits back and now threats to write bad reviews about airlinesim - I guess there is no hope for any constructive discussion.

Gave up f*cking fast…

LOL really don’t understand why people would complain on slots…I mean yes they’re hard to get, especially in JFK LHR etc. but this is real life!