Slots page

After the technical patch made yesterday, the slots page is too big. Is it possible to bring it back to the original size?

OLD slots page


NEW slots page


Vote for old slot page, since the new one seems depends on your screen ratio, now most people used wider screen, it looks really bad for spanning over the whole screen.

Many people are accessing AS through their mobile device. Perhaps a small page is difficult to see?

I wanted to start a similar topic, good to see I am not the only one. I guess this new version was designed for mobile devices? But maybe there is another way to help these users which are - as I "think" - just a small number. I tried it myself but anything more complex is far too diffcult (and slow!) to handle without a (good old) mouse.

If I am looking at the slots now - on a 23'' screen - it takes me four or five times as long as before to get / "see" the information I wanted... and it's quite stressfull for my eyes as they have to wander around the screen. :blink:

Please give it some thought... :blush:

I vote for the old slots page as well. But I guess we can wait on it, since there are some more important things the AS team needs to sort out first. Kudos on the job so far AS Team! :)

This change was not intentional and will be fixed in one of the next upgrades. Just had some more serious stuff to deal with recently ;)

Understandable. We all appreciate the hard work. You rock, Martin. :)