Small addjustmet to the Balance Sheet

Currently the accumulated profit/lost are added/deducted from shareholder’s equity each week. To better reflect the financial statements in the real world, and better identified how much we earned or lost since establish of our enterprise, I would suggent adding a row in the balance sheet called “accumulated profit/loss” to add any previous profit or lost. So the shareholder’s equity will not change week by week, unless there is a issue of new shares in the stock market.

Look in income

Statement for the accumulated profit


look at the weekly balance sheet as if it were the yearly balance. Then profit is also converted in reserve, investments and added to your equity.

By the way, you cannot transfer money to your subsidiaries. That means your accumulated profit equals equity minus 10 million if your airline is a holding, or equity minus whatever you put into your subisdiary when you created it. Seems like a simple math ;)


I know you can always find out what is the accumulated profit somewhere in the reports or calculate easily, I’m just suggesting it should change a little bit so to better reflect reallife financial reports. As an accountant, I always feel a little bit strange to see the shareholder’s equity changing all the time. Well, it’s not anything important to fix, it will be great if the AS team do make a little change to that. Thanks for your replies anyway.