Small Logo problem

I recently started a regional subsidiary of my main airline, Obviously I have to accept that I need a new prefix for the flight numbers and is it is a new company I modified my existing large logo but I recycled my small logo and it gets rejected. This brings me to two issues, one technical (bug) related, the other is a reality flaw.

So I guess the most important is the bug, obviously my logo is rejected, so i modified it, but everytime I try and upload the new logo it displays the old logo. From my end I’ve tried chaging the file name, folder, removed other logos from the folder etc… So I’m not quite sure whats going on there.

My other complaint is why can’t I have my subsidiary using the same small logo as my primary? Clearly the idea is to have a common brand. I assume, and I’ll admit its been awhile since I was last there, the displays in FRA show all DLH flights as Lufthansa and not: Lufthansa, Cityline, Augsburg Airlines, Air Dolomiti, Contact Air, Euro Wings and Austrian(Austrian Arrows/Tyrolean)